About Joe

The Legend:
Once upon a time in a sleepy-coastal Oregon town lived a guy named Joe who loved to cook for all his friends. One day, when he was fishing on the edge of the rainforest he saw something out of the corner of his eye, something BIG moving amongst the Marionberry bushes. But by the time Joe put down his fishing pole and walked over to get a better look the big Marionberry2thing was gone. When he returned to pick up his fishing pole the salmon he’d caught was gone too. Nothing remained of his catch but a pile of spit-out bones a few yards away and some very large footprints in the dirt. Joe was really bummed out, he’d planned to go home and BBQ that salmon and serve it to friends with some of his homemade habanero BBQ sauce.

Turned out that when he arrived home one of his friends showed up with another salmon and the BBQ was still on but as Joe started making his BBQ sauce he wondbigfootsalmon2ered about the big creature that he’d spied eating the Marionberries…and his salmon. He thought, “What the heck,” and tossed a big glob of Marionberry Jam into his BBQ sauce and the result was so tasty that his friends thought he might really be onto something. And so he was. Later, being curious about what he’d seen when he was out fishing, Joe took the advice of some local old timers and hung an apple from a tall tree near the Marionberry patch where he’d been fishing. The next day the apple was gone; and according to the old timers that’s a mighty strong sign of a Bigfoot.

In honor of the creature, and in hopes of appeasing it so it might leave his next prize catch of salmon alone, Joe named his new BBQ sauce “Bigfoot.”

The “Official” story:
Once upon a time in a sleepy-coastal Oregon town lived a guy named Joe who loved to cook for all his friends. One day, he decided to whip up a new batch of BBQ sauce but was forced to improvise when he discovered all the local stores were out of molasses. As he pondered what to substitute for the molasses he happened to come across a jar of seedless Marionberry jam and thought, “Hmm … I wonder what that would taste like in the sauce?”

He went straight home to whip up a new batch of sauce with the Marionberry jam. It turned out so tongue-tingling good that he grabbed a jar and rushed over to the pub to share it with his friends. The new sauce was a big hit with his friends, the staff and even other customers. So much, in fact, that someone offered to buy some of the new BBQ sauce right then and there. Joe knew he was onto something special. And that is how Joe’s Bigfoot Marionberry Habanero BBQ Sauce came to be created.


Joe’s BigFoot BBQ Sauce was recently featured on the Manzanita Market website >>