This is the home of Joe’s Bigfoot BBQ Sauces, made and bottled in the shadow of mysterious Neah-kah-nie Mountain in the beautiful, coastal town of Manzanita, Oregon.

Some say that the secret recipes for these sauces were passed on to Joe from a local hairy, forest-dwelling Sasquatch who lives in a secret location on the mountain. Others say that there is no such thing as Bigfoot or Sasquatch and the story is pure bunk. One thing that IS for sure is that Joe’s small batch production Bigfoot sauces are mighty tasty on all kinds of different foods, from burgers and chicken to shrimp and roasted squash.

Ask for Joe’s Bigfoot BBQ sauces at your local grocery store or order a few bottles or a case online and have it shipped directly to your home or business.

Left to right: Whiskey Chipotle, Ghost Pepper Peach, Original Marionberry Habanero & Marionberry